To step into the limelight and take your life to the next level? If you answered 'yes,' then this 20-minute Skype session is a powerful investment to make in yourself, today! The "Vocal Confidence Booster" is the first step taken by thousands of women to help them break through career, business and relationship barriers that have been holding them back for years. This introductory offer can help, if you:

  • Feel you are not being heard in one or more areas of your life

  • Find your voice is being dominated by those "louder" than you, either at work or at home

  • Want to conquer your nerves

  • Need stronger speaking/presentation skills to progress in your career or business

  • Need better communication skills, so that your message is always clear and responsive

  • Need a confidence or identity boost

  • Would like to rock any stage!





just $27

Hi there, I'm Kirsten Cottone, your vocal coach and facilitator. Over 20 years ago, I began to see transformation occurring in the lives of my singing and speaking students and realised that there was more to vocal training than mere technique.  I've since delivered optimum performance programs to thousands of women, based on the secrets known to professional performers. 

And I am intimately familiar with those secrets. If you think of something that could happen on a stage, I've probably done it. I have performed everywhere from NIDA to the Royal Albert Hall in London. Yet, what inspires me the most is the process of helping other women access their creative self-expression and giving them the tools to deliver who they really are, using their body, mind and voice. It gives me such a thrill to be able to contribute in this way to sustainable, positive change in people’s lives.


First, we spend some time ascertaining where you need the most help with your voice. Next, I will get you to read a text of your choice and then teach you practical tools to apply in order to boost your vocal confidence. Finally, I will get you to read it again, and you will hear the changes for yourself. That's right! You will actually see and hear an immediate improvement, in just twenty minutes!

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CEO The Green Cube

"The tips and skills Kirsten passed on to me in the first ten minutes will change the way I speak (to everyone!) from now on.  She had such a great manner, delivering practical advice to make my presentations more engaging and authentic." 


When you book below, you will be sent to paypal​ to purchase your session. After you have paid, please click "return to seller's website" in order to schedule your time. I can't wait to get started on your Vocal Confidence Booster.


A 20-minute, live session with me normally costs $125, so this offer will save you almost $100! But, it really is first in best dressed, and the offer will expire on Friday, 5th July, 2019. If you want to trial working with me, this is a great opportunity for minimal investment. See you soon!

Claim your $27 vocal confidence boostER