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If you recognise yourself in any of the following, it is likely that there will be a solution for you within these pages.​ And don't worry, there is nothing to feel awkward about - these issues are more common than you might think and can affect any of us at any time.

Wrong Career

At a Cross-Roads

Fraying Relationships

Lacking Confidence

Not Being Heard

Lost Your Mojo




I specialise in women's life and career issues.  I can help you get your mojo back, so that you once again feel confident in who you are, clear about your next steps and excited about your life! Using proven techniques from positive psychology and neuroscience, along with your own creative wisdom, we will have you flourishing in no time.  


Essentially, I treat the body/mind/heart as a whole system, which helps you uncover the subconscious blocks that are standing in your way. When we dismantle these blocks and apply your strengths, you will form new ways of being and find that new opportunities begin to present themselves. This also makes the work we do together faster, more sustainable, and therefore cheaper in the long run than many other change practices. If you love detail, you'll find heaps more about my qualifications, experience, unique philosophy and system under the ABOUT section.


Although I do offer a single, initial consultation if requested, all other coaching sessions occur in packages.

Why packages?

Put simply, most people need more than one session to experience lasting change and long-term fulfillment.

Not 50 sessions. Just five or six. And that is how I work. I provide personalised courses that give you fast, sustainable results, so that you don't have to keep coming back year after year. 

What do you get?


Think of a package like a course or program, except that it is tailor-made especially for you. You will receive:

  • one-on-one sessions, either in person or via zoom

  • a program that is designed with you in mind

  • structured weekly sessions with strategies and activities that are evidence-based and proven to work

  • enough flexibility for us to continue to respond to what you bring into the room on the day

  • a follow up email each and every session, outlining what we covered and your key insights

  • 'homework' in between sessions for you to practise walking along those new neural pathways

  • a clear goal for a new way of being in the world that will be self-evident when achieved

  • a road map for the future


Purpose Finder

Sick of your job and overwhelmed by where to start? Gain clarity on your new professional direction and start doing the work you were born to do.

The Rut Buster

Feeling stuck? Anxiety, relationships, mid-life, lack of confidence and other issues can leave us feeling like we can't move forward. Let me help you 'bust' out of that rut by forming new neural pathways.

Speaking for Impact

Tired of not being heard and getting overlooked? Learn to captivate and motivate any audience, including your children.


 Low income & locals discounts apply. Please ask. 


Brainstorm Team Meeting

"These sessions have given me incredible clarity on who I am and why I’m here. I’m sure I could have wasted a lot of time, energy and money, and still ended up in the wrong  place. Purpose Finder is like a fast-forward button that gets you where you need to be."

Image by Martin Guido

Michelle Dobson


"After researching and trying different forms of therapy, I was so happy when I came across Kirsten and found something that really suited me. She helped me to connect to my subconscious and use the skills and strengths I already have to change my perspective on myself and my situation. Whereas in the past many therapy sessions left me feeling emotional and drained, I ended each session with Kirsten feeling positive and energised. I especially appreciated the report she sent through after each session which I can now refer to any time I want to be reminded of the progress I have made. All up I found her program to be a positive experience that was extremely beneficial ."

Classmates in the Library

"I have been using your techniques at home. Deep belly breathing and the silly siren to warm myself up and boost my confidence - strange but true! I am loving the horse stance. Just doing it puts my head into the same place as the sessions, like I'm ready for action. Thank you for your time and expertise. I'm so grateful I was able to do this course.

Sarah East


Holly Panigas


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