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Accessing Creativity

If you want to access your creativity, it's important to silence the inner critic and just begin.

So, you’d like to run an experiment to see if this creativity stuff is actually available to everyone, including you? 

Then, you’ve come to the right place!

There are many pathways into your creative psyche,  but I’d like to focus on an approach which, I believe, is the foundation for everything else. It’s also immensely liberating and FUN!

In fact, if approached consistently (and, ironically, systematically) over the next seven days, this one method will see changes occur at a neurological level, enabling your creativity to bubble to the surface. That’s right. It’s already in there. It’s all about access.

So now, are you ready for the ‘big reveal’??? (Cue: dramatic music) For the next seven days, you are hereby instructed to………..


See, one of the most significant things we must do to enhance creative flow, is to silence the inner critic. This character entered our minds, usually somewhere in our childhoods, in that single moment when a parent, teacher or some other authority figure heartlessly crushed our artistic dreams. You know the moment?  That time when someone dismissively mentioned that your carefully constructed image of a bunny rabbit actually bore closer resemblance to a peanut butter sandwich? And thus the inner critic was born!

Over time, our brains became adept at seeking out evidence to support this notion that we couldn’t draw, sing, fill in the blank……….And so now, of course, we believe it!

But really, it’s just a story.

If I was given ten dollars for every person who came through the doors of my singing workshops stating that they had been silenced by……. well, truthfully…….it was usually the nuns, I would be quite well off. Interestingly, some of these people had the most beautiful voices I’ve ever encountered.

However, regardless of whether you are the next Picasso-in-waiting, the point is to take up something artistic and approach it in the spirit of the child you once were.

Become very conscious of the conversation going on in your mind, as you tentatively dab that paint onto the canvas, and decide, in that moment, to dab boldly! And if it’s movement you’ve chosen, then decide to dance wildly! If it’s singing, then vocalize loudly!

Image Attribution: Gangham Style South Korea (Public Domain)

It’s all about the process here, not the outcome. So dabble, have fun, laugh at yourself and, you never know, when you do finally lift the veil and allow the critical mind to take a peek, you might just love what you see!

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Pastiche Image Attribution: Painting Child, Jim Pennucci; Peanut Butter Sandwich, Dano (both CC by 2.0)

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