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Creativity and the Mind

Ever wondered where creativity comes from; how some people manage to find that one-liner in an instant, while the rest of us are forced to become the laughing chorus? 

Dr Caitlin Street has written a PhD on the phenomenology of creativity, uncovering much about how creativity integrates with our minds.

Interview with Dr Caitlin Street (PhD)

A talented, professional photographer, who has worked for the Melbourne Sun and the Herald Sun, Caitlin Street now freelances, with clients such as the Victorian Department of Justice, National Australia Bank, Coca Cola Amatil and Telstra.

Image Attribution: Dr Caitlin Street’s private collection

She has several notable awards, including the ANZ Postgraduate Fellowship Award and the Victorian College of the Arts Scholarship, as well a PhD under her belt, all of which makes her well qualified to  talk about both creativity and business.

I caught up with Caitlin on Skype, to ask her some of the more pressing questions I’ve had regarding creativity, transformation, the brain and our shared humanity. What she had to say was scintillating and we easily fell into half an hour of ebullient conversation before realising where the time had gone. I will post the full interview down the track, but for now here is a sampler into the fascinating world of Caitlin Street.

Caitlin’s Doctorate explores the pedagogical application of the methods employed in making art as a means of encouraging inter-disciplinary learning. Find out more at

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Image Attribution: Charly W. Karl (CC by-ND 2.0)

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