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Creativity and Transformation

Singing, either solo or in a group, has been shown to enhance confidence and wellbeing.

When I used to facilitate vocal workshops, I was initially surprised by the number of people who would grab my arm and exuberantly explain that they felt “different”; that there had been “a shift” in them. In short, that they felt somehow transformed.

Over the years this became standard fare, as I witnessed more and more positive transformations in the lives of otherwise ordinary people.

Two in particular stand out for me.

Case Studies:

  1. One was a woman who entered the workshop visibly tense, hesitant and stressed. By the end of the two days, she appeared to be glowing. She later told me she’d had to take a day off work to “process” all that had happened to her. Now, while this may at first appear to be counter-productive, this person went on to become far more confident and able to handle the various pressures placed on her at work. Over the many years I knew her, she continued to flourish, gaining promotions and accolades as a result of her expanded capacities. These she always attributed to that particular weekend workshop.

  2. The second was a man who spoke in a high-pitched, stammering, staccato-like voice. He took a long time to make his point. When following up with him, I was stunned to hear a deeper, more resonant, well-paced voice answer the phone. (I actually asked to be passed on to the man in question, as I couldn’t believe this was him!) Again, the positive ramifications for he and his workplace were significant.

Reasons for Transformation:

There are a number of reasons why accessing one’s creativity leads to personal and professional transformation: pushing boundaries, entering the flow state, making meaningful connections with others, to name a few.

But I believe the essence of creative transformation occurs when we are given the space and opportunity to discover more about ourselves, at the deepest of levels. It is in this expanded mindset that we become elevated to new heights, with new thoughts and new perceptions.

So the next time you feel like making that pirouette down the hallway, go for it! You can now (legitimately) tell your boss it’s all in the name of the bottom line.

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