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The Optimum Mindset™ Check-List

Hi there,


To find out your Optimum Mindset score, tick off each of the questions below and keep a tally. (Please feel free to download the PDF, as my free gift to you.


Do you solve life's problems easily?

Do you have at least one creative pursuit that brings you joy?

Are you good at 'thinking on your feet'?

Do you often find yourself in a flow state?

If you get stuck in a rut in life or at work, can you find your way out quickly?


Do you "whistle while you work"? i.e experience a sense of joy for no real reason.

Do you feel you have meaning and purpose in your life?

Do you have several intimate/close relationships with people you see regularly?

Do you feel recognised for your achievements?

Do you laugh often?


Do you bounce back easily?

Do you always know what to say?

Do people listen to you when you speak?
Do you generally feel confident?
Do you 'show up' in life, no matter what?

After completing the check-list, first check to see if your three Optimum Mindset areas are in balance. An imbalance can indicate that something is out of kilter in your  life. A score of 12 of less, suggests that you may not be operating at optimum levels. If either of these are the case for you, please feel free to schedule a strengths analysis session with me, so that we can quickly get you flourishing once again.

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